Get introduced to the Australian way of living by staying with a specially trained AHN Homestay Host!

Their hosts don’t just offer a room for rent, they offer a support system and interest into welcoming a student to Australia. An AHN Homestay Host will help you settle into life in Australia and provide advice on general safety, accommodation and welfare information.

Their hosts are carefully selected to ensure that our students are placed in an environment that is not only safe and comfortable but also warm and welcoming.

The program includes:

  • Homestay management and support throughout the entire homestay experience
  • Extensive national criminal background checks for hosts
  • Student support services including banking and transportation
  • Comprehensive online training and orientation for hosts and students
  • Professionally staffed 24/7 critical incident contact centre
  • Management of all homestay payments for students and hosts

Other benefits include Insurance to protect you and your belongings while in Homestay, and a professional 24/7 helpline including interpreter services should you ever need assistance. AHN will also match each student with a host family located near your place of education.


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